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Trick or Treating Safety Tips to “Beware” of This Year

Florida Halloween
Florida Halloween

The fall season is bitter sweet for children. The fall means returning to school after a long, fun summer vacation, which can be a buzz kill for some kids. But the fall season also means Halloween, and trick-or-treating fun!

There are approximately 41 million kids that participate in trick-or- treating each year. Most of them are between 5 and 14 years old. That’s a lot of kids on the streets during Halloween; therefore, safety precautions should be paramount.

While it is great to make sure your children are having fun walking through the neighborhood, dressed up in costumes, it is best to make sure they do so safely.

Yes, it is possible for kids to have fun and still be safe. Here are some “sweet” ways to help:

No Injuries, Just Candy…

As kids anticipate Halloween night, the goal for parents should be making sure to prevent injuries to your child during their Halloween fun. Parents should be extra vigilant about keeping their kids safe from vehicles while walking along the streets on Halloween night.

Kids are often excited and easily distracted and may not see oncoming vehicles when crossing the street. Drivers also may not see children darting out in a dark, unfamiliar costume until it’s too late.

Choose Wisely

Parents should make wise choices when dressing their children on Halloween. Pick a costume that is not only safe, but also somewhat loose fitting so the child can move in it comfortably. This also goes for masks, which can limit the child’s vision. Instead of a mask, parents could consider face painting.

“Beware” of Surroundings

On Halloween night, mobs of children walk down the streets in the dark. Speak to your little one about pedestrian safety. Give them a pep talk about using crosswalks and making eye contact with drivers. Remind them to look both ways before crossing the street.

For older children, have them leave the headphones behind, and keep cell phones in their pockets, so as to minimize distractions.

Other Safety Tips

Children with sharp objects might incur an injury themselves, or injure someone else. Some costumes could be flammable and cause burns.

Face painting and makeup should be applied carefully, especially for children with allergies. Test any product on the skin first before applying it all over your child’s face.

Some other tips that you should consider:

  • Purchase flame resistant costumes
  • Tell your child not to walk close to a lit candle when wearing their Halloween costume
  • Put reflective tape on their costume so drivers can see them
  • Parents should walk with their children. Never let your child go trick or treating without an adult present
  • Have the child walk in a group with others
  • Bring a flashlight so child can see in dark areas
  • Walk from door to door — don’t run
  • Remain on sidewalks as much as possible and don’t venture out into traffic if it is not necessary
  • Pay attention to driveways for cars that may be pulling out
  • Don’t accept homemade treats because they are from strangers
  • Only visit homes that are well-lit
  • Don’t accept any rides from a stranger

Parents should buy costumes that actually fit. Make sure the costume isn’t too long to avoid a trip and fall. When your children come home with their treats, parents should examine them to ensure that they are in the original wrappers and not opened.

Never let a toddler eat candy without supervision, as it can potentially cause a choking hazard. Educate your child about safety measures during Halloween. Do so beforehand, and not just on the night of Halloween.

Halloween brings a little extra treat: an additional hour of sleep. Be Alert! Daylight Savings Time Means More Work Injuries

Speak with a Good Personal Injury Attorney West Palm Beach

Even if you take the utmost precautions in protecting your child on Halloween, accidents can still happen. If your child has been intentionally hurt from someone in the neighborhood during his or her Halloween adventures, consider speaking with a injury attorney West Palm Beach to discuss your case right away. Call us today for a free consultation at 561-687-5660.

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