Are There Any Exceptions to Worker Compensation for a Workplace Injury?

If you have heard stories from friends and acquaintances who had difficulty getting medical care after a workplace accident, or if you would prefer to sue your employer in court and collect damages for pain and suffering, you may wonder if there is an alternative to putting in a Worker compensation claim. Unfortunately, in most cases, there isn’t an alternative. Worker compensation is designed to be a quick, no-fault system that reimburses all injured workers partially. But it is also the only recourse if you have been injured at work and you want to sue your employer or use your own doctor. Read More

Standard of Medical Care Provided Injured Workers with Worker Comp Claims

The Denver Post reported on a recent class action settlement in a worker compensation case brought against Wal-Mart in Colorado. Injured Wal-Mart employees with workers comp claims alleged that Wal-Mart and its adjuster hindered medical providers from making independent judgments on how to treat injured workers. Federal judge Robert Blackburn in the U.S. District Court for Colorado gave final approval to the more than $8 million settlement of the class action lawsuit. Read More

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