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Sponsoring A Family Member For A Green Card

Immigrants founded and built America. Coastal states like Florida have a rich history of immigrant innovation and achievement, and many of our citizens who live and works here either came from other countries or are the children or grandchildren of immigrants. Naturally, those who still have family abroad and have enjoyed all that America has to offer yearn to reunite with their family.

U.S. citizens can bring their closest relatives to the States through sponsorship to become permanent residents. A permanent resident or green card holder legally may live and work in the United States, and the following relatives qualify to petition for a green card:

  • Spouses
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Brothers and sisters

A current U.S. permanent resident cannot sponsor siblings or adult or married children. The requirements are complex and there are different documents, which are required depending on the relative being sponsored. Particularly, when an individual attempts to sponsor a spouse, the couple will have to demonstrate a bona-fide marriage, proving that they did not pursue matrimony as an end-run to immigration procedures and a green card. U.S. citizens living abroad will have to demonstrate their intent to live in the U.S. In most cases, the sponsor will also have to show they can and will provide financial support to the immigrating relative to avoid making them dependent on public assistance.

An experienced immigration attorney can help you navigate the maze of immigration processes for a family-based green card. While the process may be confusing, the family-based green card remains one of the best ways to reunite loved ones in the United States.

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