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Four Tips to Stay Calm Behind the Wheel

Stay Calm When Driving Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach
Stay Calm When Driving Personal Injury Lawyer West Palm Beach

Do you suffer from road rage? This condition affects numerous drivers every year across the United States, and it not only endangers yourself but those around you. As a responsible driver it is your legal duty to maintain the safety of those around you, but that is a hard task to perform once you let anger drive you. The psychologist Leon James states that when we’re inside of our cars we no longer are humanized, we simply become things instead of persons, and when we are dehumanized it is much easier for others to mistreat us, and for us to mistreat others. Read the four tips to stay calm behind the wheel below and become a safer driver next time you take a spin. If you have already been a victim of road rage, please contact a West Palm Beach car accident attorney now.

1. Music

Music can be extremely helpful when combatting road rage. Why? Because it takes your mind off the traffic or the sometimes burdensome task of driving … but not just any music. Researchers indicate that mellow or soothing music is best. Conversely, upbeat music tends to make drivers speed up, either because of the associated mood or because of the increased distraction. It’s best to make the switch from upbeat music to mellow music as soon as possible during a drive because the sooner you do, the more quickly your driving is likely to slow down. No matter when you make the switch, however, you will eventually slow your driving, according to one 2013 study published in Ergonomics.

2. Hydration

The FDA says to take in eight bottles of water a day. When you stay properly hydrated your body does not retain water weight, which reduces your overall weight. Water weight is the result of dehydration, or your body in other words believing it needs to store water because it knows you do not get enough during a single day. Waiting at a red light or in traffic is a great time to open up a bottle of water and hydrate.

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3. Meditation

Everyone has heard of the benefits of meditation, and the technique is based on common sense — an uncluttered mind paired with slow and deep breathing … how can’t this state of mind benefit you, particularly when compared to how you feel when angry? Simply pick a mantra and repeat it while breathing through your nose. In no time your heart rate will slow and you’ll find yourself making better driving decisions for yourself and everyone around you.

4. View

Sometimes reducing road rage simply means changing your view. Pin or tape a few images to the inside of your car that you can look at when stressed, such as a beautiful picture of a beach, your favorite vacation retreat or a piece of artwork made by your child. Instead of staring at the gridlock in front of you, take yourself mentally to a different plane.

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