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Florida Farm Workers' Injury Lawyers

Florida Farm Workers Injury Lawyers

Dedicated Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Assisting Victims of Florida Farm Accident

Are you or a member of your family a victim of farmworker injury? If so, you should be able to request the workers’ compensation you are entitled to. For further information and a free evaluation of your legal rights and alternatives, get in touch with Sternberg | Forsythe P.A.’s workers’ compensation department.

On a contingency fee basis, our workers’ comp law office handles Florida farm accident and trauma claims. Only when we successfully collect money for our clients do we get paid as attorneys. If no recovery is made, our legal services are entirely free. Request a free case evaluation from our farm worker injury lawyers right away by calling 561-264-1031.

Florida Farm Workers’ Need Protection

Agriculture has been one of the most hazardous industries in the country for decades. There are many other ways workers’ might get wounded on the job, including by huge machinery, animals, and a range of toxins. Unfortunately, numerous injuries—some fatal—occur every year on US farms, regardless of their size.

Everything from major industrial enterprises to smaller, family-run farms is included in the agricultural sector. Farming is one of the rare enterprises where families live on the farm and work there at different ages, rather than simply adult workers’, and is one of the most dangerous jobs in the United States.

The Center for Disease Control claims that farming is a high-risk industry with several serious deaths. According to recent data, approximately 19 fatalities per 100,000 farmers, or over 400 farmers and farm laborers, die each year as a result of accidents connected to their jobs in agriculture. Additionally, every day there are approximately 240 injuries to farmers and farmworkers’, and 5% of these accidents cause lifelong damage.

What Causes Farm Accidents in Florida?

Depending on the sort of farm, daily agricultural activity often results in accidents. The biggest cause of fatalities continues to be tractor accidents. Furthermore, poor agricultural machinery and dangerous working conditions frequently result in serious injuries for farmers and farmworkers’, including:

  • Faulty or malfunctioning farm equipment
  • Chemical exposures and Falls grain elevators
  • Accidents involving tractors while towing equipment
  • Grass auger mishaps
  • Rollovers of tractors
  • The use of toxic chemicals
  • Farm-related accidents involving animals
  • A suffocating silo
  • burning and exploding
  • tractor-and-car collisions
  • Hay baler mishaps
  • Rollovers in truck and machinery accidents
  • Injury during power takeoff and tangling
  • Equipment issues
  • Accidents involving combines, grain bins, and other machinery


Safety equipment or inadequate training may play a role in certain tractor accidents. Like any other employer, farm owners are responsible for ensuring a secure and healthy workplace. Many of these agricultural injuries, however, also occur to farm owners and their families without any of their fault.

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Numerous instances of broken or malfunctioning equipment and machinery have increased the danger of job injuries for farm families and agricultural employees. If the correct warning information is not included on the label or the farmworker heeds it, some chemicals and pesticides may be dangerous. Unfortunately, in these kinds of mishaps, the producers of the agricultural farm machinery and goods are frequently to blame for the harm done to the farm worker.

The agriculture sector in the US contributes to sustainability by feeding the population here and in other nations. Regulators must thus protect the safety of agricultural laborers at work in order to optimize our nation’s economy and the welfare of its people.

Agricultural employees must make an effort to take safety precautions when working with hazardous farm equipment since it is a risky business and doing so will help them stay safe. The proprietors of the farms must also give their employees the necessary safety clothing, tools, and training.

Are Agricultural Workers’ Exempt from Workers’ Compensation?

Agriculture-related workers’ compensation laws vary from state to state and each state’s current rules include a number of exclusions, obligations, and limitations. In states like Florida, employers who have six or more regular employees or 12 seasonal workers’ who work more than 30 days must provide workers’ compensation. Small farmers are the only ones that are excused from having to insure their migrant and seasonal farmworkers’. Additionally, under the H-2A visa program, firms who recruit lawful temporary foreign workers’ must offer their staff workers’ compensation insurance or other benefits.

Meanwhile, Virginia mandates workers’ compensation insurance for farms with more than three full-time employees. Most states offer exclusions, similar to those in Virginia and Florida, to shield smaller farms from the potentially crippling costs of workers’ compensation insurance. Other states, like South Dakota, mandate workers’ compensation insurance for particular employees who use dangerous farm equipment.

Am I Eligible for Workers’ Compensation as an Agricultural Employee in Florida?

Numerous agricultural facilities, including aquaculture facilities, cattle farms, and citrus groves, may be found in Florida. We want to convey to farm workers’ that workers’ compensation benefits them just as it benefits workers’ in other professions as knowledgeable local workers’ compensation attorneys.

Protect your health and your legal rights if you were hurt while doing agricultural work-related activities in Florida. Get a medical assessment as soon as you can, ideally. Follow the advice on how to receive medical care for your agricultural work accident after notifying your employer, if possible. Report the incident to your employer as soon as possible even if your injuries cause an urgent scenario that prevents you from reporting the accident before getting medical attention.

Keep in mind that your legal rights are just as crucial as your health. Your capacity to make ends meet for a considerable amount of time may depend on how quickly you file a workers’ compensation claim if your job accident necessitates surgery or causes long-term consequences. Don’t let luck determine your future in terms of money and health. Hire a workers’ compensation attorney to represent you so that you will have a spokesperson in the event that issues develop.

All injured agricultural workers’ in Southern Florida and vicinity can get free legal counsel from us. Your initial lump-sum payment of back benefits will serve as the basis for our legal fees if we defend you and successfully get reimbursement for you. The specifics of the financial issues of your legal action will be happily explained. For the time being, however, we advise you to maximize your medical recovery by receiving the treatments and therapies you require, as soon as possible.

Why Should I Hire Florida Farm Worker Injury Lawyers?

A workers’ compensation attorney can assist you if you were hurt while working on a farm.

They can first assist you in looking for the appropriate advantages. What kinds of benefits you are eligible for might be determined by a workers’ compensation attorney. For instance, if you are able to return to your prior workplace, you may not be eligible for vocational benefits, but you may be eligible for medical benefits to cover your medical bills and disability benefits throughout your recuperation.

The important thing to remember is that a workers’ compensation attorney can decide which benefits you are entitled to and which benefits you should receive. Medical benefits are often paid out right once, whereas disability benefits might be obtained after a predetermined number of missed workdays. Benefits for vocational rehabilitation may be available if your disability makes it impossible for you to do the job you previously had.

The financial losses will mount up rapidly if you are unemployed for a lengthy period of time. In order to assist you offset these losses while you are unemployed, a workers’ compensation attorney can make sure you are receiving the full benefits to which you are legally entitled.

While the majority of employees are qualified for workers’ compensation, there are occasionally unadvertised exclusions. For instance, certain types of employees are subject to different laws, such as domestic workers’, workers’ for temporary agencies, those employed in the agricultural or farming industries, and seasonal laborers. Following a discussion of your particular circumstances, a workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in determining your eligibility.

Our Farm Worker Injury Lawyers Are Passionate About Supporting Agricultural Workers’ in Their Time of Need

Numerous lawsuits involving agricultural injuries have been handled by the legal firm Sternberg | Forsythe P.A. Our farm worker injury lawyers have experience and the skill necessary to handle claims involving tractor injuries, harvesting machinery, grain harvesters, rolling belts, strippers, grain augers, and even situations involving direct car accidents that occur on farmland.

The majority of farm jobs are covered by farm liability insurance instead of workers’ compensation. We frequently find a defective product or a third-party claim to achieve a recovery for our client even when there is workers’ compensation. Each case is unique, and we can analyze the details of your accident to help you decide if you have a claim.

Complex farm accident cases have been thoroughly investigated, settled, and litigated by the legal office of Sternberg | Forsythe P.A. To schedule a meeting with one of our farm worker injury lawyers to discuss your agricultural work-related accident in Southern Florida, call us at 561-264-1031 or fill out our online form.

If You have suffered a work injury you are entitle to medical expenses, wages and even a lump payment. Your Have Rights.