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Farm Accidents in Florida 

farm accident workers comp florida
farm accident workers comp florida

Working on a farm is hard work that requires many hours per day. Factors like extended hours, hot working conditions, heavy equipment, and animals contribute to Florida farm accidents.

However, when a farm accident occurs, you may wonder what rights you have. In these situations, one of the first steps you should take is to contact our work injury lawyers at Sternberg Forsythe, P.A. We have years of experience representing clients and cases related to farm accidents and ensuring injured workers receive the benefits and compensation they deserve. We can provide the same quality and aggressive representation for you.

Liability in Florida Farm Accidents

Determining the cause and liability of a farm accident is an important consideration when you file a lawsuit. For farming accidents, there are several potentially responsible parties. General contractors and property owners have a duty to provide safe working conditions, while material suppliers and equality manufacturers must work to ensure all products are clearly labeled and safe.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer from our law firm will ensure the responsible party (or parties) are identified and help determine the right course of action moving forward.

Some of the services that our legal team will provide if you hire us for help with your farm accident case include:

Understanding Florida Farming Accidents

According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, agriculture is considered one of the most hazardous industries in the country. Every year, farm-related accidents cause around 113 fatalities in individuals under the age of 20. Along with the fatalities, these accidents also result in thousands of non-fatal injuries to adolescents and adults.

The Most Common Farming Accidents in Florida

While there is a wide array of farming accidents that can occur, some are more common than others. The most common farming accidents that occur in Florida include:

Tractor Accidents

Tractor accidents are a top cause of farm-related fatalities. Part of tractor safety includes the proper design, maintenance, and operating procedures for these machines. If even one of these elements is neglected, then serious consequences may arise, including accidents that result in injuries and fatalities. Tractor accidents can change the life of the person who is injured and their family.

There are several circumstances that may lead to tractor accidents. These circumstances include:

  • Running over
  • Rollovers
  • Entanglement
  • Collisions

In many cases, serious injuries result from tractor accidents. The mass and size of the machine, along with sharp angles, can cause debilitating injuries, which include serious bone fractures, injuries to the vital organs, and spinal cord injuries.

Combine Accidents

Another common type of farm-related injury is one that involves combines. Due to the shape and size of this machine, and the working conditions, any type of accident that involves a combine can cause traumatic and catastrophic injuries. In one moment, you may discover that you are facing a life of pain, disability, and even a shortened life span.

Some of the most common causes of combine accidents include:

  • Operator error
  • Incorrect operation on roads
  • Owner negligence
  • Maintenance negligence
  • Combine turnover


Working on a farm comes with many potentially dangerous and hazardous situations. One is falls. From standing on silos and scaling barns to working on trees, there are several situations where farm workers may need to be at great heights to do their job. Unfortunately, a fall from these heights can cause broken bones, TBIs, and other serious injuries that can have life-altering consequences.

Heat Stress

Most farmworkers are in the hot Florida sun most of the day. Unfortunately, these conditions aren’t just uncomfortable, and they can also be deadly. Cases of heat stress may result in heat cramps, dehydration, dizziness, heart problems, and even heat stroke. In some situations, these injuries require immediate medical treatment.

Exposure to Pesticides and Other Toxic Chemicals

It isn’t unusual for farmworkers to work around and with different pesticides and other chemicals on an almost daily basis. Long-term use of these items can lead to vomiting, skin rashes, “farmer’s lung,” and other breathing issues.

Contact Our Work Injury Lawyers to Protect Your Rights

Farmworkers are exposed to many risks in their day-to-day tasks. If you are injured while working on a farm, you have the right to recover workers’ compensation benefits, just like in any other profession. If you have questions about this or have been denied these benefits, contact our work injury lawyers at Sternberg Forsythe, P.A. to discuss your options and rights.

Our legal team has represented farm workers for years and will aggressively fight to help you receive the benefits you deserve for the injuries and damages you suffered.

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