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The Impact of Driver Negligence on Pedestrian Accidents

The Impact of Driver Negligence on Pedestrian Accidents
The Impact of Driver Negligence on Pedestrian Accidents

Whether you are walking down the street or around a worksite, as a pedestrian, you should feel safe and protected. However, the unfortunate reality is that pedestrian accidents continue to be a growing concern in Florida.

Not only do these accidents completely disrupt the lives of victims, but they often have a lasting impact on families and communities. Regrettably, one of the most common factors in pedestrian accidents reported across our state is driver negligence.

For example, do you know your rights if you are hurt in a pedestrian accident? Seeking help from our workers’ compensation attorney in Florida can ensure you get the money and benefits you are entitled to.

Understanding Driver Negligence

Driver negligence plays an alarming role in many pedestrian accidents across our state. Pedestrian crashes are one of the leading causes of injuries or death to roadside workers.

If you are in the unfortunate situation of being hurt in a pedestrian accident while on the job, our Boca Raton work injury lawyer can help. Our team can help you build a strong case by performing a thorough investigation to identify the negligent action that caused your injuries.

Common Negligent Acts that Lead to Pedestrian Crashes

In Florida, there are several types of negligence that continue to play a vital role in many of the pedestrian crash cases our Boca Raton work injury lawyer handles. Some of the most common include:

Distracted Driving

When drivers ignore the road ahead, they are more likely not to see pedestrians in the area. Some common distractions that are often factors in motor vehicle accidents include texting, talking, eating, or talking to backseat passengers.


Traveling too fast can make it difficult for drivers to stop in time to avoid striking pedestrians. Unfortunately, it can also lead to drivers losing control of their vehicles and striking pedestrians.

Driving While Under the Influence

Drivers who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol continue to play a significant role in many of the accidents reported across our state. Unfortunately, drunk drivers cannot operate their vehicles responsibly. As a result, they often strike pedestrians who have the right of way and crosswalks, drive their vehicles onto sidewalks, and engage in other behaviors that directly place the lives of pedestrians at risk.

Disregarding Crosswalks

In Florida, drivers must yield the right of way to pedestrians attempting to cross the road in a crosswalk lawfully. Unfortunately, there are many instances where drivers do not do so and cause devastating accidents that severely injure pedestrians.

Running Stop Signs and Passing Red Lights

When drivers do not stop at stop signs or pass red lights, they can strike pedestrians who may have the right to proceed.

Unfortunately, not all pedestrian accidents involving other drivers occur on public roadways. In some cases, these accidents take place at commercial properties. If you are dealing with injuries from a pedestrian accident while at work, our Boca Raton work injury lawyer can help you understand and protect your rights.

Pedestrian Accidents at the Workplace

Florida law recognizes the duty of care that drivers owe to pedestrians, especially in the workplace or in a working environment. When a pedestrian is injured due to a driver’s negligence, legal consequences may follow. Employers are also accountable for providing a safe working environment, including taking measures to prevent accidents caused by driver negligence.

Preventative Measures

Employers should educate employees on pedestrian safety while also promoting responsible driving practices. They must establish clear guidelines regarding vehicle movement within workplace premises. Surveillance cameras and sensors can also improve safety and alert drivers that pedestrians are around.

Create a Safer Work Environment

Clear rules for drivers to follow in the workplace must be established, and it is equally important to ensure pedestrians know what is expected from them. Employers should provide comprehensive safety policies for pedestrians that outline how workers are expected to move around vehicles.

When employers are negligent in establishing safe practices and preventative measures, they can also be held liable for any damage or injuries suffered by an injured worker. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney in Florida if you are injured due to a negligent driver in a pedestrian accident.

Let Out Boca Raton Work Injury Lawyer Help you Get Justice

A workplace pedestrian accident can be a life-changing event, and seeking legal representation is crucial in obtaining the compensation you deserve. At Sternberg | Forsythe, PA, our experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Florida is dedicated to fighting for your rights and achieving justice.

During your consultation with us, we will provide personalized attention and explain all of your options so that you can make informed decisions about your case. Our proven track record of success speaks for itself as we work tirelessly to secure maximum compensation for our clients’ injuries and losses. Get started today by contacting our team to schedule a free consultation.

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