Understanding Medical Benefits for a Workers Compensation Claim

Medical Benefits for a Workers Compensation ClaimIf you were recently injured or harmed at work, you might understand how even a minor injury can impact your life and job. The truth is work-related injuries are fairly common and happen every day, especially in the fields of physical labor, such as construction.

Work-related injuries can also pose a number of legal concerns. In fact, most individuals who are injured on the job or at work often rightfully qualify for workers compensation and medical benefits, however, some do not approach the claim properly, ultimately denying them their claims, or are even too scared to discuss any incidents with a supervisor or management for fear of losing his or her job. All in all, neither of these situations should occur with the proper legal representation from a licensed and professional attorney experienced in workers compensation claims in the state of Florida.

Understanding Workers Compensation and Medical Benefits and What They Mean to You…

Under regulation by the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or also commonly referred to as OSHA, all workers and employees are entitled to a safe workplace under all circumstances. Therefore, if an individual or employee is harmed or injured, he or she is entitled to medical compensation and benefits under Florida state law.

Furthermore, under Florida state law and the workers compensation program, regardless of how the injury or accident occurred, or whose fault it was, the fact is an individual or employee was harmed at work. Therefore, this automatically makes the employer responsible for Workers compensation medical benefits. These medical benefits include the following:

  • Medically necessary care, including hospitalization, surgery, supplies, prescriptions, doctor and specialist visits, diagnostic and other medical tests and prosthesis
  • Reimbursement for mileage for travel to doctor appointments
  • Specialized equipment, like a wheelchair or other necessary medical devices

Workers compensation claims must be arranged through a health care provider authorized through your employer, especially since the employer is responsible for the accident and injury. Choosing care by your own physician or other doctor not authorized by the insurer can result in loss of payment for medical benefits. This is often a mistake that most individuals make, and the number one reason why most workers compensation claims are denied or rejected.

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The best steps that individuals can take when filing a workers compensation claim is immediately report the accident and/or injury to a supervisor or manager, and immediately seek out medical attention by a physician authorized by the insurer, even if the individual harmed in the accident feels fine. Complications can arise later from an accident or injury and by then it may be too late for an individual to file a claim. Finally, the last step an individual should take is contact a professional and experienced West Palm Beach workers compensation attorney to provide legal guidance and assistance in filing and following through on a workers compensation claim.

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