How Does My Workers’ Comp Lawyer Get Paid In Florida?

Workers’ compensation is a protection for both employers and employees, because it pays medical bills and loss of income after a worker is injured at a workplace, and it legally prevents employers from being sued for those injuries. Read More

What Do I Get Compensated For In a Florida Workers’ Compensation Lawsuit?

The government established workers’ compensation to ensure that employees who are injured on the job are provided financial compensation while they are recovering from their injury.

In general, companies with four or more employees are required to either carry workers’ compensation insurance or self-insurance, which means that they have the funds to pay any employees injured at work for medical expenses and lost income. Read More

Legal Recourse after Personal Injury following an Explosion

On January 9, 2017, a violent explosion at a South West Florida factory saw one worker hospitalized with serious injuries. The early morning blast at Paramount Chemical and Plastic was felt a number of blocks away from the plant. Neighbors called 911 on seeing the billowing smoke. A helicopter was used to evacuate the injured individual. OSHA investigators were on site to establish the circumstances under which the explosion took place. Read More

Worker Compensation Insurance Premiums May Rise

If you suffer an injury or a work-related illness, you can receive Worker compensation benefits until you return to work. These benefits are paid by the insurer for your employer. In turn, your employer pays premiums, just like your car or homeowners insurance premiums, to maintain coverage. But the cost of Worker compensation insurance may be going up. Read More

Unlicensed Contractors Nabbed in Craigslist Scheme

Authorities in Pasco County, working together with the Florida Division of Workers Compensation recently nabbed nine unlicensed contractors by advertising on Craigslist. The ads described work that requires a contractor’s license in Florida, such as roofing, air conditioning repair and installing windows and doors. When the “contractors” gave the investigators written estimates, but could not produce a contractor’s license, he or she were arrested. Read More

Can My Employer Retaliate If I File a Worker Compensation Claim?

Most employers are required by Florida law to have workers compensation insurance to cover the costs of treating work-related injuries. When you suffer an on-the-job injury, it is important report the incident to your employer immediately or as soon as you are able. Your employer will complete the needed claim forms so that you can obtain any needed medical treatment. Read More

Are All Employers Required to Have Worker Compensation Insurance Coverage?

How Much Do Employers Pay for Workers Compensation Insurance

Worker Compensation Insurance is purchased by business owners to pay for any workers compensation claims that may occur due to on-the-job injuries or adverse conditions developed while working. This is generally a mandatory form of insurance designed to protect workers more than anything else. Read More

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