Workers Compensation for Sub-Contractors and Contractors: Who is Responsible?

Have you ever been hurt on a job or at work? What if you were hurt while running an errand for an employer? Workers compensation laws and claims can differ from state to state and can be a little complex depending on the situation as well as the accident that occurred. Read More

New Florida Workers’ Compensation Bill Will Change Penalties

There’s a new workers’ compensation bill in the Florida Senate, and if it is enacted, it will make some serious changes. It’s argued that the changes will do a few things, including make sure that businesses are not shut down needlessly when it’s discovered that they are not carrying insurance, and it will offer tougher penalties as is increases the actual fine multiplier from 1.5 times to 2 times. Read More

Is it Too Late to File a Worker Comp Claim if a New Illness Was Caused by Prior Toxic Exposure?

Depending on the nature of your illness and your prognosis for recovery, Florida Worker compensation may not provide the benefits you need, regardless of when you file a claim. However, assuming you are still employed with the same company but cannot work until you heal, your workplace illness may qualify for Worker compensation, even if you do not discover your condition until years after the toxic exposure. Read More

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