Immigrant Families In Florida Have Strong Ties To The United States

Immigration reform has been a hot topic in recent months, with the Senate passing the 2013 bill that includes the DREAM Act, pathway to citizenship and border security — on which the House of Representatives is projected to vote soon. With immigration reform at the forefront of ongoing political debates, recent polls suggest that many Latino undocumented immigrants are already deeply rooted in the United States and hope to eventually gain citizenship. Read More

How To Obtain A Work-Based Immigrant Visa

Many legal and illegal immigrants cross the borders each year because the United States offers the opportunity of employment and, therefore, a better life. To apply for a work-based visa that would allow you to remain and work in the United States, you must have an employer or potential employer obtain a labor certification approval from the Department of Labor. The employer must then file a petition with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. This petition is called an Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, Form I-140. Read More

Law School Graduate with Work-Based Visa Fights For Right To Practice

Florida Bar committee members and more than 100 Florida attorneys are supporting an undocumented immigrant who wishes to practice law in the State. The immigrant, Jose Godinez-Samperio, graduated from law school and passed the bar, and now has only the following legal challenges potentially standing in his way: Read More

Welcome to Our Blog

Writing a blog was not something I awoke one morning with a burning desire to do, but as a lawyer whose career has been devoted to helping people who have been the victims of work related accidents, I saw a blog as another way to help me to communicate with the firm’s clients. Welcome to our blog. Read More

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