Social Security Disability Denied

How to Fight Your Social Security Disability Denial

Social Security Disability Denied

Much too often the Social Security Disability (SSD) attorneys at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates, P.A., see new clients in their offices from Stuart and other areas in Florida who have been denied their SSD benefits. More often than not it is after someone has been turned down for SSD, that they decide to see an attorney who handles SSD claims, appeals, and hearings.

SSD Denials Are Common

Approximately two-thirds of all first-time claims are disallowed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Upon appeal, approximately 60% of those claims are approved. Smaller percentages are also allowed in the latter stages of the appeal process.

Anyone may handle his/her own SSD claim. A majority of such first-time claims are turned down for various reasons. Those who process social security disability cases are always on the lookout for fraud. This is their primary concern. Thus, if anything is left to doubt concerning someone’s disability, including the evidence regarding their claim, chances are they will be denied SSD benefits.

Denial of Benefits

There are some basic reasons as to why, in many cases, one’s first-time SSD claim is turned down. Working with one of the experienced and successful Social Security Disability (SSD) attorneys at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates, P.A., can help one avoid such mistakes, and increase one’s chances of securing their benefits with their initial claim.

Specific Reasons SSD is Denied

  • Incomplete Evidence: Evidence must be convincing to an objective person who is unfamiliar with your disability.
  • Unconvincing Evidence: You may have submitted a large amount of evidence, but it is not convincing in terms of how serious your disability is or that is it a long-term problem.
  • Claimants Don’t Meet Standards for Employment: To be approved for SSD, you must have been employed 5 years out of the last 10.
  • Lack of Legal Counsel: Many times the three reasons noted above are a result of a fourth reason, which is applicants do not utilize the services of an experienced and knowledgeable SSD attorney.

Important Points to Remember

There are various considerations to keep in mind when it comes to filing for SSD benefits and dealing with the process and the SSA. If you’re able to keep your perspective and to make sure that you adhere to some of the basic criteria, it may help you see your case to a successful end and/or save time, effort, and money.

Keep These Things In Mind

  • Fraud is Rampant: It’s important to be aware that although your disability is real, that there are many people who submit fraudulent claims, and those who review applications are always concerned about this. In Florida, this has been a major problem.
  • Basic Requirements: Keep in mind the basic requirements of SSD. Don’t file too soon. Remember that SSD is for those who are dealing with disabilities that stop them from engaging in work for a minimum of 12 consecutive months.
  • Basic Criteria Not Met: If you do not meet the criteria regarding employment, which is being workingfor 5 out of the last 10 years , you cannot be approved for SSD. However, you may be approved under Supplemental Security Income (SSI), which is for low-income earners.
  • A SSD Attorney Can Help: A lawyer who has had success with SSD claims understands each aspect of the process and knows what the federal government requires in order for your application to be complete and convincing. They can help.

Contact Us for Social Security Disability Denied

If you have been denied your SSD benefits, contact the law firm of Scott J. Sternberg & Associates, P.A.,online or at 561.515.5978 for an initial consultation today. Our social security attorneys possess the insight, experience, and knowledge that are needed for successful SSD appeals. We can help you get the benefits that you need and deserve.



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