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Denied SSI Benefits Florida

If you suffer an injury or disability that affects your ability to work, applying for Social Security benefits right away is important. With offices in Boca Raton, Orlando and West Palm Beach, Scott J. Sternberg and Associates, P.A. provides trusted, reputable guidance to help you obtain the compensation and assistance you need.

After application to the Social Security Administration (SSA), your claim for Social Security Disability is evaluated. You will receive a letter approving and detailing your benefits or noting that your claim for SSDI is denied.

We can help when you are denied SSI benefits Florida

Although it is discouraging to be denied benefits, it is important to understand that more than half of all SSD claims are denied on first application. Although the SSA has incorporated initiatives to more effectively screen applicants, more claims are denied than approved.

Upon denial, you have the right to initiate the disability claims appeal process. Although you do not need legal counsel to appeal, you are much more likely to achieve benefits with the aid of experienced legal help. We work to prepare your appeal and represent you at necessary hearings.

After your SSDI is denied, the appeals process includes the following steps:

  • Reconsideration. You have 60 days from the date you received your letter to appeal the decision. It is assumed you received your letter within five days of mailing. Request for an appeal must be made in writing or on the website of the SSA within that period. Your file is then reconsidered by an examiner unfamiliar with your original application.
  • Hearing. Following reconsideration, most claimants are again denied benefits. We help you request, prepare for and attend a hearing before an administrative law judge. These hearings are usually held within 75 miles of your home or, in some cases, conducted by video. After the hearing, you will again receive a letter and notification of the decision of the judge.
  • Review by Appeals Council. You may appeal the decision of an administrative judge to the Social Security Appeals Council. The Council reviews cases on their record and you will not attend. The Council may choose not to review your case if they feel the ruling of the judge was correct.
  • Federal Court Review. You may continue to appeal your claim through legal action in federal court.

While the appeals process can be lengthy, approximately half of the claims taken to the hearing level receive a satisfactory ruling. If your application for SSDI or SSI is denied, our legal team fights to protect your rights to compensation when you are challenged by disability and hardship.

We help with disability claims after injury on-the-job in Florida

Scott J. Sternberg and Associates, P.A. provides seasoned help with Workers compensation, Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income. We focus on getting you the help and benefits you deserve. You pay no legal fees unless we recover benefits for you.

With offices in West Palm Beach, Orlando and Boca Raton, we offer evening and weekend appointments and can travel to you if you cannot come to one of our locations. Contact us online or at 561.687.5660 for a consultation.



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