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New Order Alcohol App: Delivering Draft or Danger?

Sternberg New Order Alcohol App Delivering Draft or Danger 1
Sternberg New Order Alcohol App Delivering Draft or Danger 1

It’s Friday night and you are looking for plans. So you invite a few friends and family over. You probably order a pizza. But while you’re on your phone or app ordering a pizza, why not order some alcohol while you’re at it?

You read that right. There is now a new app available that allows users to order alcohol and have it delivered to their homesjust like ordering a pizza.

Two guys from Boca Raton have designed a new website and Smartphone app that gives people the ability to order beer and wine for delivery—and in under an hour. When the user accesses the app, it pick up the user’s location and routes him or her to a nearby participating alcohol retailer. And the best part? Delivery only costs users several dollars.

The app originally launched in 2013 and is currently serving the Palm Beach County areas.

But before you rush to your app store on your phone or tablet, consider the pros and cons…


The Pros:

Say you are attending or hosting a party and the drinks are really flowing. Then, suddenly, you find that you are down to your last beer. You’re already a few drinks in and you know you really shouldn’t leave the party to drive somewhere for a “beer run”. Luckily, the alcohol delivery app is available to save the night…

Having an app like this to order alcohol rather than drive may save a number of accidents or even DUI charges for numerous drivers in the state of Florida. This may also help save thousands in injuries, accidents, and fatalities.

The Cons:

On the other hand, with more alcohol and more parties, more premises liability accidents are likely to happen. Parties that involve large amounts of alcohol are almost sure to involve some type of accident—resulting in injuries and fatalities. Therefore, since the app makes it easier for people to buy and have alcohol delivered, without going anywhere, this will only increase the chances of an accident.

Furthermore, even though the amount of DUI incidents and accidents from “beer runs” will likely decrease, the number of DUI-related accidents may even increase due to the increase in intoxicated drivers leaving parties afterwards.

Of course this is all speculation, however, these are simply predictions of the possible benefits and disadvantages the alcohol delivery app can impact our society and our safety.

Consult with a Reputable Premises Liability Attorney

If you’ve been involved in a car accident or an accident in someone’s home or on a property, whether you were attending a party or not, contact a reputable premises liability attorney for more information.

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