Legal Recourse after Personal Injury following an Explosion

On January 9, 2017, a violent explosion at a South West Florida factory saw one worker hospitalized with serious injuries. The early morning blast at Paramount Chemical and Plastic was felt a number of blocks away from the plant. Neighbors called 911 on seeing the billowing smoke. A helicopter was used to evacuate the injured individual. OSHA investigators were on site to establish the circumstances under which the explosion took place.

An explosion can be a traumatic and destructive event. The aftermath may be marked by fatalities, serious injuries, loss of or damage to property, and psychological scars that linger for years.

Legal Recourse after Personal Injury following an ExplosionExplosions can take place for one of many reasons and in a wide range of contexts. If you have been injured or a loved one was killed by an explosion, the legal recourse available to you depends on the circumstances under which the explosion took place.

Workers hurt or killed while at work may be entitled to worker’s compensation. Property owners and the manufacturer of the item that led to the explosion may be liable. Seeking workers’ compensation is not mutually exclusive with pursuing premises liability or a wrongful death claim especially if workers’ compensation cannot adequately cover your injuries and income loss.

That is why it is important to get in touch with an expert West Palm Beach personal injury lawyer as soon as you can following the explosion.

Workers’ Compensation

In Florida, workers’ compensation insurance is mandatory for businesses in the construction industry and for any non-construction business with at least 4 part-time or full-time employees. The cover provides a comfortable financial landing for workers and their relatives in the event of injury, disability or death. The benefits cater for a wide range of costs caused by the accident including medical bills, doctor’s visits, hospitalization therapy and lost income.

Premises Liability

Premises liability is applicable when an explosion was at least in part because of a poorly serviced property. Premises owners are responsible for taking reasonable care in ensuring that their property does not pose avoidable danger to its occupants. Like workers’ compensation, premises liability claims can cover medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

For a premises liability suit on personal injury to succeed, the claimant must demonstrate that the premises owner knew or should reasonable have been aware of the dangerous state of the property but did not do anything bout it.

Wrongful Death

When someone is killed in an explosion, the friends and family of the departed go through great anguish. Families grapple with a gap in emotional and financial support that the deceased had filled. Add to that the cost of treatment of the person before they died as well as the expenses for organizing the funeral and this becomes incredibly difficult to bear for many families. A wrongful death lawsuit may provide some financial reprieve for the family.

Sternberg & Associates Florida Personal Injury Lawyer

Sternberg & Associates has a stellar record of representing personal injury victims. If you or your loved one was caught up in a Florida explosion, talk to one of our Florida personal injury lawyers to see what your options are given the circumstances. We will help you decide on what form of compensation would be best applicable for you and rigorously fight for you to receive the benefits you deserve.

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Last Updated: 31 January, 2017

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