How Long Does it Take to Settle an Auto Accident Claim?

Auto Accident ClaimWhat length of time is needed to settle your vehicle accident claim after suffering a collision with another vehicle? It’s a crucial question requiring instant answers for most victims who need to reach a settlement as soon as possible.

Most car accident victims deal with the inconvenience of severe car damage, loss wages due to the incapability to work, and physical injury. There also are hospital and medical bills, and even additional considerations, particularly if an accident is serious.

Here are some answers concerning how long it takes to settle a vehicle accident claim.

Negligent in the car accidentWhat if my accident is the other driver’s fault?

If the other party was found at fault or negligent in the car accident, and they don’t challenge the ruling, you’ll find that usually the case may be settled in several weeks. In cases where the other party challenges the ruling, as well as secures an attorney to battle for her or his case, you might wind up handling the claim for many months or even several years. The best case scenario is one where both parties quickly come to an agreement and reach a settlement in order for the claim to be processed.

Libel insuranceWill the libel insurance provider process my claim rapidly?

Yes and no, depending on the insurance provider’s competence, attitude, and quality of service. Professional attitudes have a lot to do with how rapidly a libel insurance provider processes the claim. In instances of handling a reputable provider, you easily can settle a claim in several weeks or up to several months, depending on the accident’s level of severity.

Conversely, if you’re unfortunate enough to handle providers which stall and try to intimidate the party making a claim request, you might wish to secure the services of an attorney to manage the case.

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Attorney expedite my auto accident claimCan an attorney expedite my auto accident claim?

Typically yes, if you select an experienced lawyer who has successfully handled similar cases. Resist the temptation to employ just anyone. The best attorneys to employ specialize in car accident claims and have successful track records. For instance, an attorney specializing in family court cases might not be the best to take over the accident claim, even if he’s your brother-in-law! A great lawyer may save you money, expedite the matter, and maybe win a critical accident claim. Winning a car accident claim can help you deal with the losses or financial responsibilities you might have incurred as a consequence of the accident.

If you are an accident victim who is curious to know how long it will take to settle an auto accident claim, then the first rule of thumb to keep in mind in winning the ideal settlement is to remain patient. A handful of victims are so desperate to settle their claim because they’re in difficult financial straits and are physically injured, that they accept a smaller settlement, instead of allowing a professional lawyer to strategically handle the libel insurance provider for a better settlement.

West Palm Beach Auto Accident AttorneyWest Palm Beach Auto Accident Attorney

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Last Updated: 10 November, 2014

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