These Are the Five Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After a Workplace Injury

West Palm Beach Workplace InjurySuffering a devastating injury on the job or contracting an illness associated with your employment can be overwhelming and frustrating. However, there are several important steps you need to take to protect yourself as well as to comply with your employer’s rules regarding worker’s compensation.

Unfortunately, job injuries across Florida happen all too often. Some people might not be ready to take action immediately after the injury occurs or they may take the wrong actions when faced with figuring out next steps.

Unfortunately, what seems like small mistakes in the immediate aftermath of your workplace injury can end up costing you significantly in terms of a settlement.

This is why it is important to follow all the proper protocol and steps. To learn more about how workers’ compensation works in Florida and how you can best protect yourself, consult with an experienced attorney.

Protect your rights and your ability to recover compensation by taking any workplace injury seriously and getting a workers’ compensation lawyer’s insight as soon as possible.

Mistake #1: Not Reporting the Accident to Your Boss

In Florida, workers’ compensation regulations mandate that any injured employee report the accident within 30 days of when it occurred. If the first sign of the injury is associated with occupational disease, you have up to 90 days to report this.

There are some exceptions but it is far better to report your injury than to wait just in case. Waiting too long to file your claim could raise questions about the integrity of your claim in general.

You are protected from being discriminated against after a workplace injury so do not avoid taking action due to a perception that you will be targeted.

Mistake #2: Not Reporting the Full Extent of All your Injuries to Your Physician

Your physician is one of your best assets during a workers’ compensation claim, but you need to be upfront with this individual and share the full extent of your injuries.

If you fall, for example, and sustain an injury to your leg but fail to disclose problems you’re having with your head and neck also, this could lead to problems with your workers’ compensation claims.

Mistake #3: Not Disclosing Any Prior Work Injuries

Even if a previous accident on the job seemed minor and didn’t end up with a comprehensive workers’ compensation claim, you still need to report it at the time of the injury.

Failing to disclose could lead to you losing compensation entirely. Make sure you are upfront at all times during the workers’ compensation claim process. This is the best way to protect your reputation and the strength of your claim.

Mistake #4: Turning Down a Work Position That Suits Your Restrictions

It is not uncommon for individuals who have suffered a serious work injury to have to be moved to a different position in order to work with restrictions or be on light duty.

Your employer is obligated in Florida to find you a position that suits your restrictions. This means that if they offer you such a position, you should not turn it down.

This can be a major mistake because you could lose any further compensation and if you refuse, your employer is well within their rights to terminate you.

Mistake #5: Failing to Get Legal Representation

Many people are under the impression that they can handle a Florida workers’ compensation claim on their own. While the process might seem straightforward initially, many individuals struggle with the more complicated aspects of a workers’ compensation claim.

This is especially true if your claim is denied or if there are concerns raised by physicians or anyone responsible for determining the fate of your case.

It is imperative that you seek out experienced workers’ compensation claim representation sooner rather than later to protect yourself.

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Don’t Wait! Contact West Palm Beach Workers’ Compensation Attorney Today

Do not hesitate to reach out to the offices of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your options as soon as possible.

You need to have someone in your corner advocating for your best interests and with so much on the line after a workplace injury, an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer is your best bet.

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