Fighting Florida Motorcycle Biases

Unfortunately, even though car drivers cause the vast majority of motorcycle accidents, riders often find it difficult to collect the money they need. From the start, many injured motorcyclists will fight an uphill battle after an accident due to perceived biases that still exist against motorcyclists.

The public perception that bikers are reckless or simply out causing trouble can significantly jeopardize an injury claim. These biases may cause insurance companies and even police officers to erroneously misassign blame for the crash to the biker, even when there is little evidence supporting these claims.

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Main Types of Motorcycle Biases

In Florida, there are four main biases that work against motorcyclists:

  • Motorcyclists assume a higher risk of injury when they choose to ride a motorcycle
  • The motorcyclist came out of nowhere
  • Riding too fast

As a result, jurors and other motorists may erroneously assign blame for an accident to the injured biker, which can result in unfair judgments or settlements based on presumed comparative negligence.

Insurance companies know that motorcycle accidents often result in life-threatening and permanent injuries. They also believe that motorcyclists are at least “partially” to blame for the crash. As such, they often offer motorcyclists a low-ball settlement offer quickly, before the full extent of their injuries is even fully realized.

Never sign anything without first speaking to a Florida motorcycle attorney.

Fighting Motorcycle Biases

When an insurance company or police report wrongly blames a motorcyclist for an injury accident, it is important to contact an experienced Florida motorcycle accident attorney immediately. You will need a team of experienced legal professionals on your side to fight these outrageous motorcycle biases.

An aggressive Florida motorcycle accident lawyer will identify each of the negative biases that may be jeopardizing your claim and rebut each one. In order to fight motorcycle biases, your attorney will need to thoroughly investigate the accident scene and potential damages to begin building your case.

This investigation may include interviewing eyewitnesses, examining forensic evidence, meeting with medical staff, and hiring accident reconstructionists. In some cases, it may even involve examining camera footage that may have recorded the accident from multiple angles.

If your injury case proceeds to trial, your attorney may even be able to file a motion to fight against potential jury bias. This motion can exclude any reference to conclusions the police made alleging speed, helmet use, or motorcycle organization memberships.

Work with An Experienced Florida Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Don’t fight the insurance companies alone. You need an experienced and skilled motorcycle accident attorney in your corner, helping you every step of the way.

Motorcycle accidents are severe and can result in permanent disability and chronic pain and suffering. Accident survivors need a Florida motorcycle accident law firm on their side that they trust to fight for them.

At Sternberg / Forsythe, P.A., our Palm Beach motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to fight aggressively for your rights and future. By putting our 15 years of experience to use, we help injured motorcyclists obtain the benefits they deserve. Contact Sternberg / Forsythe, P.A. online or at (561) 687-5660  today for a free consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments in our offices in Palm Beach County, Martin County, and Orlando.

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