Am I Eligible for SSD if I am Still Working?

If you are injured but are still able to work to some degree, it may be possible for you to obtain for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD). There are strict guidelines imposed by the federal government — in order to be considered disabled by the Social Security Administration’s standards, your personal income must fall below the established Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) monthly amount. In 2012, the SGA monthly figure is $1,010. The SGA rate normally increases by approximately $30 every year.

The idea behind SSD is to supplement your income if you are able to work but your working hours or duties are restricted due to your disability. When you fill out an application for SSD, you must report all income to Social Security, including self-employment, tips, cash payments and similar payments. If you are discovered to have under reported your income, you will be subject to repaying the SSD funds as well as possible penalties. You also need to report any income changes to SSD while you are on the program. If you do not understand the SSD forms, do not complete them until you have reached someone in the Social Security office and had your questions clarified.

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