7 Useful Facts about Social Security You Probably Didn’t Know



Many people associate social security with the elderly. And while it is a legitimate source of supplemental income for the elderly, social security can also serve some other purposes.

In fact, according to the Social Security Administration worker, while social security provides retirement income for approximately 48 percent of retired workers and adults, social security can also provide benefits for disabled workers and even surviving family members of workers—including spouses and dependents.

Did You Know?

Here are some facts on social security disability you probably didn’t know:

  • 63.2 million people receive benefits under the SSA
  • 5.5 million new people were granted social security benefits in 2013
  • 65 percent of social security beneficiaries received half of their income from Social Security
  • 55 percent of beneficiaries were women
  • The average disabled worker is 53 years-old
  • 35 percent of social security recipients are disabled workers
  • 17 percent of social security recipients are surviving family members and dependents from deceased workers

Social security provides more than supplemental income source for the elderly. It can also help disabled individuals and workers and even their surviving family members if something happens in a work-related or other type of accident.

However, while social security benefits are there to help us if we need, the rate of denials is also incredibly high. Some of the common reasons for claim denials include missing or inaccurate information, late applications, or incorrectly filing altogether.

Hire an Experienced Social Security Attorney

If any of the above sounds like you, don’t worry…you still have options. Hiring a social security attorney can help you with your application process.

If you tried to apply for social security on your own and received a denial, it’s not over yet. Working with a social security benefits attorney can help you appeal your denial.

An attorney will go through the appropriate appeals process, ensure all paperwork is file appropriately and accurately to ensure you receive the benefits to which you are entitled.

For more information on how the law offices of Sternberg / Forsythe, P.A. can help you with your social security, contact us today by calling 561-687-5660.

Last Updated: 31 August, 2015

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