5 Things to Consider after a Bus Accident

5 Things to Consider after a Bus AccidentRiding public transit means you put your safety in the hands of the person behind the wheel. While accidents are rare, more public transit accidents are making the news – and it is not always the fault of the bus driver.

Often an accident occurs when another driver is not giving a bus the right away. But, regardless of who caused the accident, it is important to recover your damages and make sure you are not stuck paying for the injuries someone else caused.

You should consult a West Palm Beach Personal Injury Attorney immediately after an accident. While you are waiting, there are five things you will also want to consider before filing a lawsuit:

Buses are Common Carriers

Buses transport passengers from one point to another for a fee. Because they do so, buses are required to stick to a stricter level of safety than your average passenger vehicle.

Private versus Public Bus Companies

How your attorney proceeds with the civil suit depends on if the bus was a public or privately owned service.

Notice of Claim May be Required

If it turns out that the bus company is public, such as a school district or the department of transportation, then your attorney must comply with the requirements of the state’s Tort Claims. These rules must be followed very carefully to ensure your claim is processed and not thrown out by the court. Within so many days of the injury, your attorney is required to file a notice of claim.

Who is Really Responsible?

Determining negligence is not always easy. But, in the case of your bus accident, it is important. Was another vehicle responsible for causing the bus to crash? If so, your lawsuit would be against that driver rather than the company that owned the bus. Also, the manufacturer or the company that maintains the bus may be responsible for the accident rather than the driver. Your attorney will need to determine who was at fault – and in some cases, it may be multiple parties.

Damages You Can Collect

You may be able to collect damages for your injury, the medical costs associated with that injury, time you take off from work, if you are permanently disabled and possibly your pain and suffering. It is best to speak with an accident attorney to accurately determine how much your lawsuit can claim.

In a Bus Accident? Meet with a Skilled Accident Attorney

Filing a claim after a bus accident is often more complex than a regular car accident; therefore, you need a skilled West Palm Beach Truck Accident Attorney. The team at Scott J. Sternberg & Associates can help you with your bus accident claim. Call us today for a free consultation.

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Last Updated: 19 March, 2015

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