5 Common Motorcycle Accidents

Riding a motorcycle on the open road is incredibly popular in Florida, with folks riding everything from a Kawasaki to a Harley-Davidson. Relishing an afternoon ride with the wind in your face is a feeling of freedom that many can’t pass up.

Common Motorcycle AccidentsNevertheless, with the growing number of motorcycles on the road, there are also numerous accidents involving motorcycles. At times, the accident is the mistake of the motorcycle driver, but in most cases it is due to the careless and reckless operation of automobile drivers.

Here are some of the common motorcycle accidents:

1. Loss of control – The two major reasons for loss of control arise from shunts with other vehicles and road surface defects. It is obviously difficult to avoid rear-end accidents since they often involve the control of another vehicle.

2. Overtaking – Overtaking is a rudimentary skill and necessitates the ability to judge distance and speed, and also know the proficiency of your motorcycle. It’s often easier for a motorcycle to overtake far quicker than a car simply because of the acceleration rate.

3. Collisions at Junctions – Motorcyclists are particularly susceptible at junctions. Most motorists fail to see approaching motorcyclists and research has indicated that many car drivers have difficulty arbitrating the speed of a motorcycle and as a result misjudge the motorcycle’s arrival time.

4. Suddenly Locking the Front Brake – Learning how to handle your motorcycle’s front brake until it becomes second nature is the very first thing you should do right after buying your motorcycle. If using your motorcycle’s front brake is not a normal process for you, then you are only exposing yourself to great danger.

If you hold your front brake too brusquely, not only could you damage your motorbike, but also risk flying over your handlebars.

5. Road Environment – At times, it is no one’s particular fault that an accident happened. One of the common causes of a motorcycle accident is the climate and how it impacts road conditions. For example, hail stones and even fog can create an unsafe environment for any vehicle, including motorcycles.

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Last Updated: 20 July, 2015

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