3 Common Injuries in a Rear End Car Accident

Rear end collisions are common in Florida. And, while they may occur at low speeds, they can cause a lot more injuries and damage then drivers realize. If you or a loved one was injured in a rear-end collision, then you should speak with car accident lawyers in West Palm Beach.

Rear End Car Accident

Get Medical Treatment Right Away

Even if you do not feel pain, you should go to the doctor after a rear end collision. These types of accidents can cause damage to your tissues and nerves that may not create a painful sensation for weeks but the damage is still visible by X-ray or MRI. The faster you get treatment, the less debilitating these injuries can be.

The 3 Most Common Injuries in a Rear-End Collision

While a variety of injuries can occur after a rear-end accident, there are three that are the most common. These include:

1. WhiplashWhiplash is a painful, stiff sensation that is often present in your neck and shoulders. It occurs after your shoulders and neck have been violently shaken, such as in a rear-end impact. This type of injury may show symptoms right away and continue to worsen, or it may take up to several days to show any symptoms. The pain and soreness can last several weeks and in some cases could result in pain that lasts over a year.

2. Back Problems Even if the accident occurred at low speeds, your spine and the disks of your spine can become compressed. Often referred to as disk herniation, this extremely painful condition can make it impossible to work or even take care of your family. Even if you don’t have disk herniation, the sudden and sharp stop associated with a rear-end accident can put excessive strain on the spine, leading to pain and soreness that can last weeks.

3. Wrist, Arm, and Hand Injuries As you hold the steering wheel and are impacted from behind, you may encounter pain in your wrist, hand, and arm from that impact. In some cases, you could even sprain or break a bone in these extremities.

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Injured in a Rear-End Collision? Speak to an Attorney

After an accident, you need to speak to car accident lawyers in West Palm Beach. The team at Sternberg & Associates can assist you with your case and ensure you see a full settlement for your injuries. We understand how painful the injuries of a rear-end accident can be – and your insurance may not be willing to help you when you need it.

Call us today for a no obligation consultation and let our attorneys get you the reimbursement you deserve.

Last Updated: 10 March, 2015

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